Individual Coaching in Knee Bending Complaints

In the case of knee complaints problems are usually continuing from overloading using your injured knee in daily live. Daily activities such as step up, driving and cycling can overload your knee again and creating pain again. The STEP Instructor helps you with your knee problems by learning safe behavior with your knee. One thing is certain: the fewer overload mistakes you make, the sooner your knee problems have disappeared.

Knee Bending Complaints, onset of problems?
Usually, the occurrence of knee complaints is a sum of overloading activities leading to an injury. Example, many stairs, lots of cycling in heavy gear and much heavy lifting with bent knees strong. Often that goes well, but when it happens for example four times in one week it could create an overload injury.

Everything hurts
Ordinary simple daily activities become painful. Climbing the stairs, rising from a chair, driving, cycling, jumping, everything hurts.
Because the knee is overloaded it is weakened. All these activities have become suddenly overloading activities and ensure pain signals

What does the STEP Instructor with your Knee Bending Complaints?

 The STEP instructor teaches you how you can use your knee safely. STEP does'nt treat you  with massages, acupuncture, etc. These treatment are body orientated and don't learn you to use your knee safely. The coaching takes place according to 3 components:

 I. Information about development and (un) safe use of the knee

knee education


II. Training of save knee use with the STEP WeightLifter Techniques



III. Protection against unsafe knee use at home with a knee brace in which a bell or buzzer may be placed to warn you when overload threatens to act.knee education

kneebrace and  bell



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