Some STEP Information in English


1. Backbending complaints

2. STEP Backschooling

3. Sense and Nonsense of Backschooling 

4. Disadvantages of squat compared tot WLT 

5. Human Ergonomics 


4. With the link below you can see how BG graphics and webcam images are catched in one film to make unsafe en save back use clear to the patient.

Back use with BodyGuard and film


5. With the link below you can see how the STEP BackBel and BodyGuard works

Excercise with BackBel and BodyGuard


6. STEP and Knee complaints 


Welche Information in Deutsch


1. STEP Rückenschule 

2. STEP posters 

3. STEP BackPack 

4. STEP information für Rückenpatienten